Many times, we need to combine worksheets together. Below is a Macro to do this.

You just need to change the parameter in "Change Parameters in this Section".

  1. In case of many sheets, it will merge all sheets.
  2. If you don't want to merge all sheets but few sheets, just create two sheets named "Start" and "Finish" and move all sheets between these Start and Finish. The macro will merge all sheets between Start and Finish.

1. Make a backup of your workbook.
2. Open your workbook and ALT+F11
3. Locate your Workbook name in Project Explorer Window
4. Right click on your workbook name > Insert > Module
5. Go back to your Workbook and ALT+F8 to display Macro Window
6. Run your Macro from here
7. Delete you Macro if the Macro was needed to be run only once.
8. Otherwise save your file as .xlsm if you intend to reuse Macro again.

A workbook containing below code can be downloaded from CombineSheets