Sun 26 Mar 2017

Article 44 - Not able to open .xls file after upgrading to Excel 2016 / Windows 10

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The problem of .xls file not getting opened after upgrading to Excel 2016 / Windows 10 is a common problem. This problem may occur after any windows / MS Office update as well.

1. Start the Excel and CTRL+O (or File > Open) > Locate the file and open the file. This should open the file but thisĀ  may not solve the problem of double clicking the file and opening it.

2.A quick repair usually fixes the file association

3. If this doesn't fix the association, when you right click on .xls file > Open With > You should get the list of programs which can open this file and you should select Excel.

In case, the list of program doesn't have Excel, then choose BROWSE and select Excel.exe. But, in case the folder which you get after clicking BROWSE doesn't have Excel.exe, you will need to find the location of Excel.exe to select Excel.exe. To find the path, you can refer to below link -


4. If there is a file block issue

4.1 Right Click on the file > Properties > In the General tab, you will get Unblock option down below > Check the unblock box

4.2 If you don't get unblock option, ALT+T+O (or File > Options) > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > File Block Settings > Uncheck the box in front of .xls file


Sat 15 Aug 2015

Article 23 - Correcting Excel (MS Office) Errors Post Windows 10 Upgrade

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Last Updated - 29-Sep-15

Arrival of Windows 10 is something which everybody waited for and users had been loving it. But few users have been experiencing problems with MS Office and particularly with Excel post upgrade to Windows 10. Since, Excel is one of the most important productivity tools which all of us use every day, these problems are impacting productivity as well as delivery to customer. While MS Office on a fresh installation of Windows 10 is working great but for users who upgraded to Windows 10, some of them are feeling unlucky.