Sat 09 Dec 2017

Tips & Tricks 167 - Shortcut for Refresh All Pivot Tables Not Working

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To refresh a Pivot table, the shortcut is ALT+F5. If you want to refresh all Pivots in the workbook, the shortcut is CTRL+ALT+F5. This magical shortcut would do the trick and you don't need any macro to perform this task.

But on most of the computer this shortcut may not work. The reason is most of the CTRL+ALT+Fn shorcut keys are reserved by Intel HD Graphics card. You will need to de-reserve this key combination.

Control Panel > Intel HD Graphics (or anything related to Graphic Card, you can put Graphics in Search of Control Panel) > Options and Support > Disable the hot keys even though CTRL+ALT+F5 is not listed there.


Mon 01 May 2017

Solution - Challenge 61 - Generate Multiplication Table

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Below is a possible solution to the challenge - Challenge 61 - Generate Multiplication Table

Put following formula and drag right and down -


Sat 01 Apr 2017

Challenge 61 - Generate Multiplication Table

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This time, I want to set a challenge which is not difficult and useful for your kids.

The challenge is to write a formula which can be dragged right and down to generate a multiplication table.


The solution to this challenge will be published after a month i.e. on 1-May-17.

Sat 23 Jul 2016

Tips & Tricks 141 - How to Disable Quick Analysis Tool in Excel 2013

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In Excel 2013, we have a new feature called Quick Analysis Tool. If you select a range and press CTRL, you are presented with Quick Analysis Tool. It offers various commonly used functions which you can perform.


Few people don't like this. To disable it permanently -

File > Options > Uncheck the Red Zone