Sat 15 Apr 2017

Downloads 14 - Excel Shortcuts Bible

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This is a mammoth work. Contains all short cut keys published by Microsoft and also all ALT keys which are not published by Microsoft.

Download it from Excel - Shortcuts Bible

Sun 10 Jan 2016

Tips & Tricks 126 - Press CTRL+A Three Times to Select Entire Worksheet not Two Times

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The safest bet to select entire worksheet is through pressing CTRL+A three times not two times or one time, if you are using shortcut (The safest bet is to press the triangle between 1 and A as marked in Red in the given picture. The tip is for CTRL+A shortcut.)

This peculiarity of CTRL+A shortcut comes into picture when your worksheet contains tables also. Suppose, you have a worksheet like below which has at least one table.


1. Select a cell outside any data range, press CTRL+A and it will select entire sheet.

2. Select a cell inside A1:D2, press CTRL+A once and it will select A1:D2 range only. Pressing CTRL+A again will select entire sheet.

3. Select a cell inside header row in the table , press CTRL+A once and it will select entire table. Pressing CTRL+A again will select entire sheet.

4. Select a cell inside the table data range i.e. A6:D7, press CTRL+A once and it will select table data range i.e. A6:D7 only. Press CTRL+A again, now it will select entire table i.e. A5:D7 only not entire worksheet.. Now, press CTRL+A again i.e. 3rd time and now, it will select entireĀ  worksheet.

Sat 31 Oct 2015

Tips & Tricks 115 - Insert Fixed Current Date and Current Time

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We all are aware about today() and now() formulas which insert current date and current date/timestamp. But these change with every recalculation of your worksheet.

But if you want to enter the current date and time which doesn't change with recalculation i.e. it gets fixed, then following Excel shortcuts can be used.

Current Date - CTRL+:

Current Time - CTRL+SHIFT+:

Current Date & Time - To insert the current date and time, press CTRL+; (semi-colon), then press SPACE, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+; (semi-colon).