Sat 16 Apr 2016

Article 38 - 10 Features I would like to see in Excel

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Like all of you, I am dependent upon day to day work in Excel. Excel is a software which is like ocean, unlimited in bounds. It has almost all features but it doesn't have few which everybody cherishes. All of us want something or the other. Below is a list of features which I would like Excel to have.

1. Making Volatile Functions Non-volatile on the basis of a Parameter

We all like TODAY(), NOW(), RAND() and RANDBETWEEN() (there are other volatile functions also). They are very useful but suffer a fatal flaw, if something gets recalculated, they always get recalculated also. Hence, if I am using TODAY() to derive today's day and if I open the sheet tomorrow, TODAY() will change tomorrow's date. I wish that all volatile functions should carry a parameter so that they should not recalculated when the sheet is recalculated. For example, we should have something like TODAY(N), NOW(N),RAND(N) and RANDBETWEEN(N) where N

Tue 14 Jul 2015

Solution - Challenge 16 – Team Pairing

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Below is a proposed solution for the challenge Challenge 16 – Team Pairing

I am going to discuss 2 solutions -

1. One where number of teams is fixed and we are looking at a simple solution.

2. A generic solution which will work for any number of teams. You will need to just do a find and replace on $21 and replace this by required number.