Sat 17 Oct 2015

Tips & Tricks 113 - Drag and Drop a Picture in Excel Sheet

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Try dragging and dropping a picture in a worksheet - What happens. You will notice a plug sign which means that a picture will be added. But when you release the cursor to drop the picture in Excel sheet nothing happens.

Reason - Excel doesn't support dragging and dropping the picture in a worksheet.

Now, what to do. If you are dealing with too many pictures, it is cumbersome to use Insert > Picture command.

Fortunately, there is a work around in place. Microsoft Word supports dragging and dropping of pictures. Also good thing is that, you can select all your pictures in one go and drop in Word document.

Now, you can either drag and drop the pictures from the Word document in Excel sheet or you can cut/copy and paste from Word to Excel sheet.

Side Note - OpenOffice / Libre Office supports drag and drop to their respective spreadsheet programs. (Note, but you can not drag or copy and paste pictures into Excel from Open Office / Libre Office spreadhseets like you can drag or copy / paste from Word)

Mon 13 Jul 2015

Solution - Challenge 5 – Prepare a Graphical Chart

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Below is a possible solution to the challenge - Challenge 5 – Prepare a Graphical Chart

1. Download the Challenge file - Tiger Count

2. Right click on Tiger's picture > Cut > Open Microsoft Paint or any other picture editor> Paste > Save the picture

3. Select A1:B7 in Tiger Count file.

4. Create a column chart.

5. Remove vertical and horizontal lines, if any, by selecting them and deleting them.

6. Click anywhere in the graph > Design tab > Add Chart Elements > Data Labels > Outside End

7. Click any data label > Home tab > Fill with black Colour > Bold the Text and make Font White. Adjust font size, if needed.

8. Right Click on any data label > Format Data Axis > Size & Properties > Text Direction > Rotate All Text 270


9. Right Click on x axis and repeat step 7 for x axis also.

10. Select Title Box > Fill with Green Colour > Bold the Text and make Font Color White

11. Click anywhere in the graph > In the Fill, select Picture or Texture Fill > Insert Picture from File > Select the Picture of Tiger (At this stage, Excel may try to connect to internet. Choose Work offline here)


12. Right click on any column and fill it with White Colour.

The solution worksheet can be downloaded from here - Solution -Challenge 5 – Prepare a Graphical Chart

Sat 07 Feb 2015

Tips & Tricks 77 - Inserting picture in the comments box

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The below discussion is for Excel 2013. If a cell is selected and it has comments, the comments will be displayed. Sometimes, there may be a need to display picture when you select a cell. I answered this question on Microsoft Community Forum and I have decided to reproduce it here.

1. Right click the cell > Edit Comment
2. Now, you need to right click on the border of the comments box. Do not select the comments inside the box and choose Format Comment. Since, you are inserting picture, hence you should not have comments in the box, anyway. So, there is no question of selecting comments inside the box. Once again, I will repeat that RIGHT CLICK ON COMMENTS BOX BORDER AND SELECT FORMAT COMMENTS.
3. Now, you will get Format Comments box and you need to select Color and Lines tab.
4. Click on Color: box and select Fill Effects.


5. When you click Fill Effects, choose Picture tab and select picture from there. By default, it starts connecting online to select picture. Most probably, you would like to select a picture on your computer. You may like to choose Work Offline here.


6. Now, you can have effect of picture in your comments like below -


Sat 06 Dec 2014

Challenge 5 - Prepare a Graphical Chart

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This time, it is a challenge to make a chart like below.

The relevant data points and picture are in the Excel file which can be download from here. Tiger Count


Note - You may choose to post the response in comments section.