Sat 10 Dec 2016

Tips & Tricks 151 - Saving in ODS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet) but Don't Need Excel Warning Message - "Do you want....."

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Question - Sometimes, I may require to work in different Office Suites and to maintain compatibility, I use Open Document Format. But whenever, I save in Open Document Format (ODS - OpenDocument Spreadsheet), I get the Excel warning like below. I don't need this. What is the way out?


Answer - This requires a registry hack, hence you need to take the backup of your registry first. Also, if you are not comfortable with modifying your registry, don't proceed.

For backing up your registry and restoring in case of any issue -

1. Press Windows +R, type regedit and press Enter.
2. Navigate to the following location:
(In case of Excel 2013, replace 16.0 with 15.0, Excel 2010 - 14.0, Excel 2007 - 12.0, Office 2003 - 11.0)
3. Right click on the in the left panel and select New>DWORD.
4. Once new DWORD is create right click on it and select Rename asDisableSaveAsLossWarningOpenDocumentSpreadsheet
5. Set Value data 1 to suppress the warning message.

Fri 18 Nov 2016

Article 43 - Optimize, Troubleshoot and Improve Performance in Excel (non VBA)

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Below points will help you in following to optimize your excel sheet

  1. Reduce time taken to calculate / recalculate
  2. Reduce time taken to open / close workbook
  3. Reduce file size

Below points may not be valid in many circumstances so you will have to see the suitability of a recommendation but most of the time, these will be valid. Also, in this article we would not concentrate on “WHY” but “WHAT”.