Sat 25 Jul 2015

Tips & Tricks 101 - Get Column Name for a Column Number

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Let's suppose, you have a number in A1 and you want to get the column Name for that.

Hence, if A1=1, you want "A"
Hence, if A1 =26, you want "Z"
Hence, if A1=27, you want "AA" and so on.

The formula to derive the column name would be be -


Sat 12 Jul 2014

Tips & Tricks 31 - Generate Month Names Jan to Dec in Text or January to December

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1. Put "Jan" without quotes in a Cell. Let's assume this is in cell A1 here. If you want to generate full names of the month, put "January" without quotes.
Note - Start month can be any other month also. "Jan" has been chosen for illustration purpose only. The output will be starting with the month whatever has been put in cell A1.

2. Drag the bottom left corner till row 12 by pressing left click. It will automatically generate the names of the month.


3. Drag the bottom left corner till row 12 by pressing right click.

4. Leave Right Click.

5. From the menu which pops up, select Fill Months.