Sat 22 Apr 2017

Tips & Tricks 159 - Prompted to "Save File" even if I haven't changed anything

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When you open a workbook and you change something in the workbook and you close the workbook, it will ask you to save the workbook. But sometimes, even if you have not changed anything, still the workbook asks to be saved even if you haven't changed.

Point 1 - Microsoft has provided the answer to this question at following link -


Sat 09 Jul 2016

Tips & Tricks 140 - Multiple Hyperlinks within Excel Text Box

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You created a Text Box and you put many words inside that say Yahoo, IBM, Microsoft etc...Now, you have given respective hyperlinks to them. But if you try to click on any hyperlink inside the text box, it will always open only one hyperlink.

It is possible to circumvent this behavior by work-around. You can execute following steps

1. Create a Text Box where you want to put all Hyperlinks.
2. Create many new Text Boxes.
3. Put the words in Text Boxes which you created in step 2 and give them Hyperlinks.
4. Drag the Text Boxes of Step 3 into Step 1 Text Box.
5. Align them properly and format them to remove borders.
6. Select all Text Boxes along with Step 1 Text Box > Page Layout > Group
7. Now, all individual Hyperlinks can be clicked separately.


Sat 14 Nov 2015

Tips & Tricks 118 - Stop Auto Creation to Hyperlinks

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We all know that if you enter a web address like, or even e mail address like, Excel converts these to Hyperlinks which can be clicked. Sometimes, we don't want this behaviour and we want to stop this -

Trick 1 - After entering a web address / e mail address, press CTRL+Z. The Hyperlink will get removed.

Trick 2 - Enter the web address / e mail address with a leading apostrophe

Trick 3 - File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options > AutoFormat As You Type tab and uncheck "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks"


Sat 03 Oct 2015

Tips & Tricks 111 - Extract URLs from Hyperlinks

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In Excel, sometimes you encounters words which are actually Hyperlinks. Say a cell contains a word Microsoft and you notice that this is in Blue and when you click it, it takes you to Another cell contains, the word Latest Yahoo Movie Blockbuster and when you click it, it takes you to

Now, how to extract this. If there are very few entries like this, you can simply right click the cell > Edit Hyperlink > Copy the URL

But, you have a bunch of entries like this and you need to extract the URLs. For this, the only method is to use a simple piece of code. Don't be frighten even if you have never touched VBA before. Simply follow the following steps -

1. ALT+F11 or Right Click on tab name > View Code to open VBA window.
2. Now locate your workbook on the left side in Project Explorer window though it should be visible by default.
3. Right click on your Workbook Name in Project Explorer window > Insert Module
4. Double click on the module inserted and copy and paste following code

5. Now, in your sheet you can use GetURL as a function like a regular function. If your Hyperlink is in A1, you can write =GetURL(A1) to extract

Credit -

Sat 08 Aug 2015

Tips & Tricks 102 - How to Find all Links in an Excel Workbook

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Rogue links troubling your workbooks. You have visually inspected them and still you have no clue where to find them, then read on...

Approach 1 - Easiest Approach

Bill Manville offers a free Add-in which finds all links given in your Excel. The utility is a very popular one and it should be must have for any Excel enthusiast. The size is very small. At the time of writing this article, the size was < 100 KB. You can choose whether to install FindLink as an add-in so that it is available whenever you are running Excel or whether to just open it when you want to use it

The details of this utility is given at this link -

You can download the link from following location -

Approach 2 - Manual Approach

If you don't want to use add-in, use below article for finding links (This article doesn't take care of Conditional Formatting links which you will have to do manually. Findlink add-in takes care of this aspect also.)

Find external references (links) in a workbook