Sat 20 May 2017

Article 45 - How to know if a Cell contains Time

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We talked about Article 19 – How to Check if a cell contains a date. Now, in this article, I will talk about checking the cell for time.

The way Excel stores dates as numbers, in the same way it stores time as numbers only. Only change is in range. The numbers get stored between 0 to 1. Hence,  6 AM is stored as .25, 12 PM is stored as 0.5 and so on.


Sun 02 Aug 2015

Article 19 – How to Check if a cell contains a date

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Checking for dates in Excel can be a very interesting problem as Excel stores dates as numbers. For example, 4-Jul-15 is stored as 42189.

To elaborate further on this, 1-Jan-1900 is treated as 1. The difference between a date and 1-Jan-1900 +1 is the serial number of that date. hence, in case of 4-Jul-15, it is 42189.

Hence, if you write 42189 and 4-Jul-15 in two different cells, Excel has no built-in mechanism to differentiate between these two.