Sat 10 Jan 2015

Tips and Tricks 73 - Use Conditional Formatting to Highlight Duplicate Cells

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Suppose your data is in range A2:A100 and you want to highlight all those cells which are duplicates.

1. Select A2:A100 and Home Tab > Conditional Formatting > New Rule

2. Put following formula after clicking "Use a formula to determine which cells to format"



3, Click on Format Button to format the cells accordingly.

Sat 02 Aug 2014

Tips & Tricks 36 - Highlight Unique / Duplicate Rows

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If you want to highlight Unique / Duplicate Rows, follow following steps

1. Select the data range where you want to apply this formatting.

2. Home Tab > Conditional Formatting > New Rule


3. Select Format only unique or duplicate values. In Format all: box, you can select duplicate / unique.

4. Format appropriately and press OK.