Sat 24 Jun 2017

Excel Quiz 53

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Excel Quiz 53 - A Quiz on Data Tab in Excel

This quiz checks your knowledge about Data tab in Excel.

Sat 09 Jul 2016

Tips & Tricks 140 - Multiple Hyperlinks within Excel Text Box

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You created a Text Box and you put many words inside that say Yahoo, IBM, Microsoft etc...Now, you have given respective hyperlinks to them. But if you try to click on any hyperlink inside the text box, it will always open only one hyperlink.

It is possible to circumvent this behavior by work-around. You can execute following steps

1. Create a Text Box where you want to put all Hyperlinks.
2. Create many new Text Boxes.
3. Put the words in Text Boxes which you created in step 2 and give them Hyperlinks.
4. Drag the Text Boxes of Step 3 into Step 1 Text Box.
5. Align them properly and format them to remove borders.
6. Select all Text Boxes along with Step 1 Text Box > Page Layout > Group
7. Now, all individual Hyperlinks can be clicked separately.


Sat 30 May 2015

Challenge 16 – Team Pairing

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Given the team list below, the challenge before you is to align teams RANDOMLY under Group A and Group B where one team faces another and there is no repetitions of the team. The formula should be flexible, in case, team list increases / decreases. The team list will always be even as if number of teams is odd, then one team will be left out.

The related Excel file can be downloaded from here Team Pairing


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