Tue 15 Oct 2019

Tips & Tricks 173 - VBA - OR Condition in FIND

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FIND is a very powerful function in VBA but it doesn't support OR condition. Hence, if you want to find say two values "A" or "B", then you can code an array within FIND. To do OR in FIND, you will need to use following code (this is a sample code only, there can be many variations of this code) (more…)

Sat 12 Sep 2015

Article 25 - Reverse FIND / SEARCH & MID Function

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Excel doesn't offer any function for reverse FIND / SEARCH & MID function. VBA does offer a function INSTRREV but this article is for non-VBA folks or folks who do not want to use VBA in their spreadsheet.

Hence, the only option before us is to build them through formulas. Let's build a reverse FIND / SEARCH function.

Note - There are two differences between FIND and SEARCH which you must make a note of.


Sat 05 Jul 2014

Tips & Tricks 27 - Find the Merged Cells

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Sometimes, you would be required to find merged cells in Excel. One of the common cases is when you try to sort a column and all of a sudden of you see the pop-up regarding merged cell. You can do following to find merged cells -

1. Select the column.
2. CTRL+F and click Options.
3. Click on Format
4. Alignment tab > Remove ticks from Wrap Text and Shrink to Fit. Tick Merge Cells.
5. Now click Find Next to find if Column has merged cell or not.