Sat 21 Dec 2019

Tips & Tricks 174 - Create a Desktop Shortcut for Onedrive Documents

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Sometimes, you might need to create a desktop shortcut to Onedrive documents. Below is a method for Excel documents which can be used for any MS Office document.

First, you would need to find the path of Excel.exe on your computer. (more…)

Sat 27 May 2017

Excel Quiz 52

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Excel Quiz 52 - A Quiz on Formulas Tab in Excel

This quiz checks your knowledge about Formulas tab.

Sat 29 Apr 2017

Excel Quiz 51

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Excel Quiz 51 - A Quiz on Page Layout Tab in Excel

This quiz checks your knowledge on Page Layout tab in Excel.

Sat 22 Aug 2015

Excel Quiz 19 - Excel Specifications and Limits Quiz - Part I

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Excel Quiz 19 - Excel Specifications and Limits Quiz - Part I

This is a quiz on Specifications of Excel and Limits in Excel for Excel 2007 and onwards

Sat 15 Aug 2015

Article 23 - Correcting Excel (MS Office) Errors Post Windows 10 Upgrade

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Last Updated - 29-Sep-15

Arrival of Windows 10 is something which everybody waited for and users had been loving it. But few users have been experiencing problems with MS Office and particularly with Excel post upgrade to Windows 10. Since, Excel is one of the most important productivity tools which all of us use every day, these problems are impacting productivity as well as delivery to customer. While MS Office on a fresh installation of Windows 10 is working great but for users who upgraded to Windows 10, some of them are feeling unlucky.


Tue 04 Aug 2015

Article 21 - Clipboard Error in Excel - We couldn't free up space on the Clipboard

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Many times when working in the Excel following errors may be encountered -

> We couldn't free up space on the Clipboard. Another program might be using it right now
> The clipboard cannot be emptied.  Another program might be using the clipboard


Sat 07 Jun 2014

Tips & Tricks 10 - Convert from Word Tables to Excel

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The best way to do this would be through utilities. The best one which I found out and is free is following -

Another way is to copy Word tables one by one (or in one go if layout permits) into Excel -

Mon 05 May 2014

Article 1 - Convert Number Format into Text Format

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The very first post which I want to write about is conversion of numbers into text. For example, if have a numeric value of 2.23, it should be converted to text value of 2.23. We may need this in many data manipulation scenarios. I will not go into why we need this but directly jump into writing about this topic.

In my view, there are always 4 ways to achieve anything in Excel

1. Formula
2. Manual
3. VBA
4. Hybrid (Combining minimum 2 of above methods)

Let's touch on all 4 ways. For the purpose of this article, let's assume a numeric value of 2.23 is contained in cell A1.

But first, after conversion, how will you know that you number is converted into text. You can use any one method from below -

1. Numbers are aligned right and Texts are aligned left by default unless you change the alignment. Hence, after conversion, you will notice that right aligned number is changed to left aligned number (which is text now, in fact). {Note - This is not a foolproof method}

2. Use the formula ISTEXT. If converted Number is contained in B1, use formula = ISTEXT(B1). If result is TRUE, it is Text. This is the best and foolproof method as it doesn't depend upon alignment.