Sat 21 May 2016

Article 39 - Sorting in Excel

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First thing first – Excel doesn’t sort as per ASCII character codes which we generally expect. It has its own sorting logic which is detailed below for Ascending sort (reverse the same for Descending sort).

The order followed in an Ascending sort is Number > Text > Alphanumeric text > Logical values > Error values > Blanks


Tue 04 Aug 2015

Article 20 - Miscellaneous Errors in Excel - Sending Command to Excel, Greyed Out Options (Not Applicable to Windows 10)

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Over a period of time, Excel has become a complex piece of software. Many new features have been introduced and on top of that increasing requirement for security has introduced further complexity for Excel developers.

Many times, users report many different kind of errors while using Excel. Following are the common ones -

1. An error occurred when sending commands to the program
2. Microsoft Excel has stopped working
3. Excel is not responding
4. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
5. Some options missed out / greyed out in tab or right click - Copy and Paste Greyed out (more…)

Sat 07 Jun 2014

Tips & Tricks 9 - Circular Error is Coming..How to find where is the problem

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You are working with your spreadsheet and all of a sudden, you get following error -


To know where is the problem, click OK on this.

Go to Formulas > Error Checking > Circular Reference

This will list a problem. Work on this problem cell and remove circular reference. If there are more problem cells, Circular References will list a cell. Keep removing till Circular References doesn't have any cell listed. Key thing to remember is that it will not list all cells in one go but will list only one problem cell.


There are Circular References problem cells can also be visually located by looking at the bottom left of the Sheet. When sheet contains, 0 Circular References, then this will not appear.