Mon 16 Apr 2018

Excel Quiz 55 - Crossword VIII

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Time for Crossword Again after a long time. This crossword is interactive and you can use browser to play with this. Click in the Grid to start.

Click on Check Puzzle just above Questions to check your score.

If you want to print the Crossword on a paper to play with, download from here Sep-17 Crossword

The answer key can be downloaded from here Sep-17 Crossword Answers


Sat 28 Jun 2014

Tips & Tricks 26 - Fill in the data from non blank cells to blank cells down

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Suppose you have data like below and you want to fill in blank rows with data with non blank row up. Here, in range A3:A5, you want value A to appear, in range B7:B9, you want value B to appear and so on.

You need this kind of situation, mostly, when you are making pivot which demands that all rows should have the data.


You need to follow following steps -

1. ALT+EGSK and Enter. This will select all your blank cells.

2. Type "=" (without double quotes) and press up Arrow.

3. CTRL+Enter

Now you will have cells filled as you wanted. You will notice that those blank cells are carrying the formula = A2, =A3 etc.

4. To convert them to static values, select you column A, Copy and Paste Special Values.