Sat 18 Feb 2017

Tips & Tricks 156 - Get Workbook's Directory from Formula

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If your workbook is located in say C:\Excel\MyDocs, the formula to retrieve the directory for this would be


Note - For this formula to work, you workbook must be saved at least once.


Sat 26 Nov 2016

Tips & Tricks 150 - Save Each Worksheet as Different Workbooks

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You have got a workbook and you want to save each worksheet as different workbook - You can adopt following method to do so if worksheets are not many in number.

1. Right click on a worksheet tab
2. Move or Copy
3. Select new book
4. Save this new workbook
5. Do it for all 20 worksheets.


Sun 14 Feb 2016

Article 36 - VBA - User Names in Excel

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Many times, we are required to fetch User Names in Excel. Unfortunately, getting User Names in Excel is possible only through VBA. These are very small pieces of VBA codes and even a person not knowing VBA can make use of them by following the instructions here.

I am going to discuss the various type of User Names which we may be required to extract.