Sat 12 Jul 2014

Article 3 - Show Date for a Coming Day (e.g. Coming Saturday)

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There are many circumstances in life where we want to determine the coming day. We are always eager to wait for Saturday. Hence, we want to show the coming Saturday date. We want to go to a blockbuster movie on Wednesday, hence we want coming Wednesday date. All these are fairly easy by Windows Date / Time Calendar or Calendars on mobile  or through other calendars in day to day life. Excel not needed. But in business scenarios, Excel is the tool which you would most likely use.

Now, consider Excel and business scenarios where you would really need the help of this article. Your shift starts on Monday and you want to display date for coming Monday.

Also, suppose you opened your Excel sheet on Monday itself. Now, you are in a dilemma whether to show today's date itself or next Monday's date. For example, you opened your sheet on 26-May-14 and you need to decide whether to show 26-May-14 as coming Monday's date or 2-Jun-14 as coming Monday's date.

I had responded to a question on Microsoft Excel Community Forum and many persons had posted the response. I particularly found the answer of Ashish Mathur very interesting. That discussion can be read here. There are many ways to achieve the objectives  but this particular formula, I found to be very elegant.


Sat 07 Jun 2014

Tips & Tricks 11 - Convert a Number to Named Month

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I am deleting this post as I have written a proper article on this and below is a link to this

Sat 24 May 2014

Tips & Tricks 4 - Allow Entry of Date for a Particular Day only

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1. Select the Cell > Data Tab > Data Validation > Data Validation

2. Under Settings Tab, in Allow, select Custom

3. Let's assume that we want users to enter only those dates which are Wednesdays. Put following formula in



4 is for Wednesdayday. 1 is for Sunday and 7 is for Saturday other values lying in between.

4. Customize your Input and Error Message as per your requirements.