Sat 07 Oct 2017

Tips & Tricks 164 - All Existing Charts have Disappeared

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Accidental Pressing of CTRL+6 toggles hiding / unhiding of all objects which includes charts also. Pressing CTRL+6 will unhide all charts (objects) again.

Sometimes, Charts (objects) can be hidden through Selection Pane (Home tab>Find and Select>Selection Pane > This has Show All / Hide All buttons. In this case, you can show / hide appropriately.

Please note that both above are mutually exclusive. Hence, if use CTRL+6 to hide the objects, you can not use Show All of Selection Pane to show all objects and vice versa.

Sat 23 Jul 2016

Tips & Tricks 141 - How to Disable Quick Analysis Tool in Excel 2013

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In Excel 2013, we have a new feature called Quick Analysis Tool. If you select a range and press CTRL, you are presented with Quick Analysis Tool. It offers various commonly used functions which you can perform.


Few people don't like this. To disable it permanently -

File > Options > Uncheck the Red Zone