Sat 24 Jun 2017

Excel Quiz 53

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Excel Quiz 53 - A Quiz on Data Tab in Excel

This quiz checks your knowledge about Data tab in Excel.

Sat 11 Apr 2015

Article 13 - Generate a Unique / Distinct List out of a List when no blanks in the list / range

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Suppose you have a list as given below and now task before you is to generate a list of unique / distinct list from column A. We will also be looking into generating Unique values from Columns A, B and C together which can be generalized to any number of columns.

Note - This article is for the list which has no blanks in the range select / list. The case of having blanks in data range will be investigated into another article.


We will revert to tackle this problem in 6 ways

A. Manual Way
B. Hybrid Way
C. Formula Way
D. MS Query Way
E. Power Pivot Way
F. VBA Way