Sat 09 Dec 2017

Tips & Tricks 167 - Shortcut for Refresh All Pivot Tables Not Working

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To refresh a Pivot table, the shortcut is ALT+F5. If you want to refresh all Pivots in the workbook, the shortcut is CTRL+ALT+F5. This magical shortcut would do the trick and you don't need any macro to perform this task.

But on most of the computer this shortcut may not work. The reason is most of the CTRL+ALT+Fn shorcut keys are reserved by Intel HD Graphics card. You will need to de-reserve this key combination.

Control Panel > Intel HD Graphics (or anything related to Graphic Card, you can put Graphics in Search of Control Panel) > Options and Support > Disable the hot keys even though CTRL+ALT+F5 is not listed there.


Sat 02 Dec 2017

Excel Quiz 57

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Excel Quiz 57

A general quiz on Excel

Sat 25 Nov 2017

VBA - Create an Index (Summary, Table of Contents) Sheet Macro

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Below is a Macro which inserts a sheet named "Index" as first sheet and puts down all the sheets names which are clickable.


Sat 18 Nov 2017

Tips & Tricks 166 - Convert a Number to Weekday Name

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Suppose you want to return 1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday…..7 = Saturday


To show only 3 characters of the Weekday Name


You can add a number to A1 if you want to show some other Weekday Name

Say, if you want to show 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday…….7 = Sunday, just add 1 to A1


Say, if you want to show 1 = Friday, 2 = Saturday…….7 = Thursday, just add 5 to A1


Tue 14 Nov 2017

Solution - Challenge 66 - Find the Position of Word

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Below is a proposed solution for the Challenge 66 - Find the Position of Word

Put the following formula and drag down. Let's assume the word "and" in cell D2 -

REPLACE(A2,SEARCH(" "&$D$2," "&A2),LEN(A2),"")," ",""))+1

You may download the solution workbook - Solution - Challenge 66 - Find the Position of Word

Sat 11 Nov 2017

VBA - Function to Validate IP Addresss

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Below is a function which will return True or False if a valid IP address is entered. A valid IP address is of the form nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn where nnn >=0 and <=255

You can put following type of construct in a cell



Thu 09 Nov 2017

Challenge 67 - Find Duplicates and Show the Count

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You have been given following data and you need to show corresponding count. You need to write a formula which can generate this count. If needed, you can use a maximum of helper column also.

Download problem workbook from Find Duplicates and Show the Count

The solution to this problem will be published after a month i.e. on 9-Dec-17.

Sat 04 Nov 2017

Tips & Tricks 165 - Convert Weekday Names to Numbers

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Suppose Cell A2 contains weekday names like Sunday, Monday.....(or Sun, Mon...), then following formula can be used to return the numbers. Sunday will be 1 and Saturday will be 7.



If we want to return some other number to weekdays, then formula can be tweaked accordingly. For example, to make Mon = 1 and Sun = 7



Sat 28 Oct 2017

Excel Quiz 56

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Excel Quiz 56

A general quiz to test your Excel awareness

Sat 21 Oct 2017

VBA - Macro to Clean Non-printable characters

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Sometimes, your data contains some characters which make some portion of your data unusable. Below is a macro which cleans your worksheet in the following way -

  1. It will remove non-printable characters with ASCII codes 0 to 31.
  2. It will remove leading and trailing blanks.
  3. Will remove characters with ASCII codes 127, 129, 141, 143, 144, 157, 160.