Disclaimer - The datasets are generated through random logic in VBA. These are not real human resource data and should not be used for any other purpose other than testing.

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You can download sample csv files ranging from 100 records to 500000 records. These csv files contain data in various formats like Text, Numbers, Date, Time, Percentages which should satisfy your need for testing.

This data set can be categorized under "Human Resources" category.

Below are the fields which appear as part of these csv files as first line.

The macro which is used to generator can be downloaded from Random HR Data Generator. The result data will be populated in Raw Data tab.

All files are provides in zip format to reduce the size of csv file. Larges ones are also provided in 7z format apart from zip format to gain further reduction in size.

100 Records 1000 Records 5000 Records 10000 Records
zip, 13 KB zip, 118 KB  zip, 589 KB  zip, 1.18 MB
 10000 Records 50000 Records 50000 Records 100000 Records
 7z, 898 KB  zip, 5.91 MB  7z, 4.08 MB zip, 11.82 MB
 100000 Records 500000 Records 500000 Records
 7z, 7.89 MB  zip, 59.04 MB 7z, 38.80 MB