This flexible Amortization Schedule Generator can be downloaded from Amortization Schedule Template

1. You can specify Interest Rate not only annually but also weekly, monthly, quarterly and half yearly. Default is Yearly if nothing is specified.

2. You can specify Loan Period in weeks, months, quarters, half years and years. Default is Years if nothing is specified.

3. You can specify payment frequency not only monthly but also in weekly, quarterly, half yearly and annually also. Default is Months if nothing is specified.

4. You can also specify the decimal places to be shown in your figures.

5. PMT and few other financial functions have a parameter called TYPE which can also be specified. Default value is End.

6. It will automatically put the border around the data.

7. The schedule is valid for a period of 50 years.

8. If you are printing it, choose FROM and To pages otherwise it will print many pages which are not needed as formulas are contained in cells beyond visible data also.