Sat 30 Sep 2017

Tips & Tricks 163 - Convert Alphabets to Numbers

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If you want to convert a, b, c....z to 1, 2,3....26, the you can use following type of formula -


Sat 23 Sep 2017

VBA - Macro to Combine (Append) Sheets

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Many times, we need to combine worksheets together. Below is a Macro to do this.

You just need to change the parameter in "Change Parameters in this Section".

  1. In case of many sheets, it will merge all sheets.
  2. If you don't want to merge all sheets but few sheets, just create two sheets named "Start" and "Finish" and move all sheets between these Start and Finish. The macro will merge all sheets between Start and Finish.


Sun 10 Sep 2017

Challenge 65 - How Many Sundays on Last Date of Months

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This time you need to work out the number of Sundays on last date of the months between two given dates. For example, between two dates of 1-Jan-2017 to 31-Dec-2020, total number of Sundays on last date of the months is 6 as highlighted below.

The answer to the solution will be published after a month i.e. on 10-Oct-17.

Sun 03 Sep 2017

Tips & Tricks 162 - Convert a Month Name to Month Number

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Suppose, you have text denoting month in cell A1. Let's say A1 = "Sep" or A1="September", then you can use following formula to convert this to month number



In case, cell A1 contains  the partial month name say "Septe", then in place of A1 in the above formulas, you can write LEFT(A1,3).